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Hi there ^^
my name is †åßåråk i'm from Iraq but i live in Australia ^^
I'm a kpop fan L(^O^)
My bias in infinite is L ,EXO luhan and lay ,teen top L.joe,B.A.P daehyun and ,shinee key , topp dogg ×êröööööö💖,bts jin suga and v 😎😍
i hope u enjoy my blog and the pics ,videos i share o^*^o/

three important things you need to remember if polices come to arrest you:
1. run away (failed)
2. deny everything (failed)
3. confess (……..failed)

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Babo Hongki <3

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  • MC: What is the silliest thing you've done?
  • HK: The most recent one was the time when Minari & I cried last month due to the cold weather~
  • MH: It was really silly, Hongki hyung came to me and said that he was sad because it was cold. Then I told him "let's cry", and the both of us cried together~
  • HK: Yup, for 2 hours
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SS6 Congratulatory messages from many celebrities:

 L.Joe: Eunhyuk hyung! I only look at you~

Jaehyo: Heechul hyung I love you! Fighting!

Dara: Super Show 6~ Donghae Fighting Fighting Yayaya !!!

ZE:A Hyungsik : SUPER SHOW 100TH SHOW!! Heartfelt congratulations for you. Being able to watch this (concert) with my eyes, feel very honoured!! No matter when, I will support you

Changmin:SJ are originally the best! As always^^ 

Minho:Super Junior is the best !!

Baekhyun:welcome to Super Show,the most epic,best show on Earth.there can not be any concerts like this.Super Junior is the best.Korea’s unchanging top of the top!fighting!

SUHO: i love you Super Junior! Super Junior jjang!

Chen: Super Show 6 fighting

CHANYEOL: long time no see, Super Show! congratulations, and I will have a fun time at the concert. fighting

Sehun: Super Junior is the best!!!

D.O : Super Junior hyungs fighting!!

Cr 金圣诞是理想型,elf_ninida,sment_exo

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hip hop

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For Iphone 5 / Galaxy 5 *

Omggg I want one 😭😭

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