†öþþ Ðögg xêrö
we heart it
Hi there ^^
my name is †åßåråk i'm from Iraq but i live in Australia ^^
I'm a kpop fan L(^O^)
My bias in infinite is L ,EXO luhan and lay ,teen top L.joe,B.A.P daehyun and ,shinee key , topp dogg ×êröööööö💖,bts jin suga and v 😎😍
i hope u enjoy my blog and the pics ,videos i share o^*^o/


a million likes for these two.

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Awwww looking awesome as always 🎀❤️💖😊😘

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poor Suzy (×_×;) 

Hhhhhhhhh so cute 😁😁

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the only word in markjin’s dictionary: kiss


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what an embarrassment…

Oh my l.joe😳😰😮
Poor joeie 😦

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I feel sometimes⏰whatever I said💬will be misquoted♻️and everyone👭👬will think💭that I’m an arrogant👸and irritating👀girl. So I hope🙏everyone will not🚫misinterpret my words💬and actions💁🙅🙆I’m not a bad girl👧👎I hope everyone understands that whatever my thoughts💭are, there are reasons💡and conclusions🔚

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The world is full of lies😔😥
- CL of 2NE1 🌹

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Amber fx

"It’s not okay to make a hurtful comment about people just because they don’t reach your own standards"

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chanyeol tasting the rice he cooked

cuteness overloaded

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